Hello! We're George & Christy!

We are the Gagnon Family.

Here are some fast facts:
We’ve been married four years, we have watched every season of The Office more times in our life than we can count, we will be the best trivia partners you’ve ever had, we pet every dog we meet, life is better with tacos, here for the memes.


Photo by:  Kim Lyn Chauvin

Photo by: Kim Lyn Chauvin

A little more about Christy…

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Astrological Sign: Leo
Current Podcast: RISE Together
Currently on watching: The Office (always)

Born: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Coffee: Black, with a little bit of sugar
Cocktail: Tito's + Tonic + Splash of Cranberry
Favorite Snack: Popcorn (made on the stove!)

Things you need to know me - I'm quite certain I could perform a one woman 'Hamilton' show, I will stop to pet every dog I see (and learn their name - how rude would it be if I didn't?), at some point in time I will reference Harry Potter to you (and if you understand the reference I will love you even more than I already do)

Photo by:  Kim Lyn Chauvin

Photo by: Kim Lyn Chauvin

Get to know George…

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Current Podcast: Last Podcast On The Left, My Favorite Murder
Currently on Netflix: Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown

Born: Nashua, NH
Happy Hour: Cider or a Stout
Favorite Snack: French Fries
Soccer Team: Arsenal

Things you need to know about George - let's say you are stuck in a life or death situation and to get out of it you need to know who was the 3rd round draft pick for any sports team for any year ever - he's your guy! He has a hard time listening to any song without air drumming along and freaking out about how GENIUS some musicians are. He can also make a mean cappuccino.

eisley images george

eisley images our family

Things you need to know about us - we are an always laughing, Rhode Island livin', dog lovin', podcast listenin', sports watchin', outgoing family. We are newlyweds as of July 31st, 2015 (yes, this is totally Harry Potter's birthday). Our four year old, Emerson Eisley, is the most funny person to ever walk this earth and her best friend is our almost blind rescue pug, Artie.


Emerson Eisley is our smart, hilarious, adventurous, brave, silly daughter. Her favorite things involve asking people if she can pet their puppy, and immediately asking what their name is after. It wouldn't be a car ride with Emmy if we weren't singing at the top of our lungs.

Favorite Color: Blue (like her eyes!)
Favorite Toy: Paw Patrol, crayons
When She Grows Up: A Ninja (this changes daily)

eisley images emerson
Meet the Office Manager (apologies in advanced, he’s not great with the computer)

Meet the Office Manager (apologies in advanced, he’s not great with the computer)

Artie, the One Man Party is our five year old rescue pug. Being 75% blind doesn't stop him from living the life every weird, wiggly, puppy could dream of. He is Emerson's best friend. They eat together, play together, and sleep together. This guy makes this family complete.
Best Place to Sleep: Top of the couch like a cat, in Emmy's bed, laundry basket
Favorite Toy: His Bone & R2D2 Rope Toy
Favorite Past time: Playing soccer, bringing little mouthfuls of food to eat in the living room, joining Emmy in everything she does, mashing his face into pillows.

eisley images artie pug dog
eisley images emerson

And, who are you?

You're in our story too. Why? Because our clients become our lifelong friends and truly account for some of the best days in our year. We’re not interested in showing up for you one day in your lifetime. George and I are right here with you for this whole journey and every life event that comes after.

eisley images our story

So, why photography?
It's simple - We love people.

In the spring of 2008 Christy graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography where she learned everything from commercial photography to marketing to learning the Adobe Creative Suite. Her next adventure was to start her own photography business. Flash forward ten years,  Christy is just as in love with her career as she was on graduation day. She added George onto to the team in 2013 and it's been game changing. Averaging 25 weddings per year, these two are a dream team.

To get a more in depth look at how Christy got started, read her feature on Boston Voyager.

Our style is journalistic / lifestyle / documentary based as we thrive in natural light. We're looking to capture your day (wether it be a wedding, elopement or a family session) with the mindset of the little moments are just as important as the big moments.

In 20 years from now, are the formal shots of everyone lined up and smiling going to mean the most to you or is it Great Aunt Sue breaking it down on the dance floor? Or is it baby Charlie in his Sunday best giggling during a thralling game of peek-a-boo? Or is it the quiet moment behind closed doors no one else will get to see before your loved one walks you down the aisle? Or is it the photo of your family frozen in time wildly laughing with the wind blowing through your hair, carefree as can be?

To keep things real and upfront - Christy has shed multiple tears at every wedding she's ever been lucky enough to be a part of.  Call her a romantic, a big sap or whatever you will but she simply loves love. She'd have to say her most favorite part of getting to know our clients is their story - how'd you meet? What got you here?

As your photographers we want to capture your day in a way no one else could. We are not there as just a vendor, but as confidants, friends and people you can trust. Finding a photographer you click with is one of the most essential parts of a creating a stress free, relaxed environment. We hope we can be those people for you!


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