Eisley Images is a husband & wife team

love capturing love


Meet Christy - a bubbly, bright eyed, true Hufflepuff who always says ‘YES’ to extra guac.

When she’s not photographing outrageously fun couples on their wedding day, you can find her soaking up every second possible with the coolest, kindest, funniest person she knows, her daughter Emerson, while snacking on all the popcorn, groovin’ to her ultimate pump up jam playlist, and sippin’ on cold brew.

It’s been said her energy and infectious spirit on a wedding day is comparable to Leslie Knope sitting down to a fresh stack of waffles while simultaneously scrapbooking about how good her Tuesday was.

She even created a National Holiday…. July 18th National Eisley Couple Day!

george eisley images LA wedding photographer

And this guy? Meet George. He’s the Eisley Couple official cheerleader, location scouting legend, veil fluffing rockstar, boutonnière pinning dreamboat, and the second photographer counterpart to Christy.

When he’s off duty from making your wedding a breeze, he’s our main man at home. He keeps our house stocked with our popcorn, seltzers, and laughter.

Legend has it, when you become a father Dad jokes immediately implant themselves in your….. funny bone ;) That wasn’t funny. I know… That’s why Christy leaves the jokes up to this guy!

Ps. She thinks he’s a total babe.


You can count on us to:

  • Make sure you look & feel stellar

  • Ugly cry during your handwritten vows

  • Painlessly herd your family for timeless portraits in record time

  • Sneak you snacks through the day (lara bars are always on hand!)

  • Befriend your people like honorary guests

  • Adore you forever (you will be stuck with us)

  • Bust serious dance moves on the dance floor with our cameras in hand!

  • Know how to get kids to cooperate. We’re parents, remember? We got this.

  • Make you laugh, pin on boutonnieres, cheer you on, fluff your dress, and read you like a book


This is what our couples are saying about their Eisley images experience…

With Christy and George, you’ll get more than hard copies of your lifelong memories, you’ll get two new lifelong friends.
— Brianne + James, 2018

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