Becoming an Eisley Couple

Are you a couple that laughs loudly, loves deeply and has a caring, kind and adventurous spirit? Those are some of the traits of an "Eisley Couple." Just like choosing your soulmate, we want you to choose the photographer that is right for you! It sounds wild to hear, but on the day of your wedding we spend more time with you than your future spouse. We'll be meeting your family, closest friends and responsible for telling your story thoughtfully, intentionally and with love from our lenses. This is a brief over view of what it's like to become an Eisley Couple and what to expect from us. Don't worry, once you inquire with us we send you a more detailed version that will answer any question or hesitation your heart may have.



Let's Be Friends - Our Eisley couples are looking for their story to be told by a kindred soul. They're a couple who recognizes their day is more than about pretty pictures, but about their experience as a whole. The experience we serve our couples is one-of-a-kind, and tailored to each individual couple. The first step towards working with us is making sure we're the perfect fit for you. After getting to know you through your contact inquiry, we'll determine if we're a match for you and your wedding day. Then it's to the booking phase....

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The Booking Phase - hooray! You two were absolutely meant to be an Eisley Couple. The next step is to secure your date so we can make this dream pairing a reality. We'll email you a customized booking proposal where you may review your package, sign it, pay your deposit and we'll be golden.




This marks the first experience you'll have as an Eisley Couple!

+ We choose a location, time & date

+ We prep for the event together!

+ We arrive to have fun with you! Really - this is the best part

+ We teach you everything. By the end of this you'll be pros.

+ We shoot for an hour (aka eventually lose track of time because we're laughing too much or walked a little too far to get the perfect light)

.... and just like that it's over! Easy and painless.



Planning - In between this flux time, we are anxiously awaiting your wedding date with you. At around 8 weeks before your wedding day, with your help, we will create a custom photography friendly timeline to ensure we don't miss out on creating your once in a lifetime portraits together.
We are here to share your excitement every step of the way. Do you still need vendor referrals? We got you covered. Did you just do your bridal hair trial run at your salon or walk through your venue? We are totally the people you can text those photos to.

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It's your wedding day! Our goal is to have created such a close, trusting relationship with you, that it's like we're two old friends walking into your wedding day. We're the keepers of your timeline ensuring all runs smooth and on time, we know the moments that you've been looking forward to most, and we will be there to document every moment that you'll savor for a lifetime.

our Wedding Showcase Of some past eisley couples...