LA with 'The Next Gentleman'

Santa Monica, CA - July 2017

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

George & I had the ultimate honor of photographing our first West Coast wedding this summer in LA. We flew out the day before to get settled and avoid any terrible day of wedding travel despair. Lucky for us, George's friend from back home had just moved out to the area only a month ago. We got to spend most our time with him and it absolutely ruled. Anthony took us to his favorite local eats, the pier so we could dip our toes in the Atlantic, and made us lemon water FROM HIS OWN LEMON TREE IN HIS BACKYARD. Two weeks later and I'm still freaking out about it.... It was that impressionable and cool and delicious, okay? Also, the amount of dogs I saw was alarmingly. So many pups having the best time of their life in the sunshine and warmness of California. Bless them and their little paws.

After hitting a few shops we walked down to the pier. It was George's first time here so we had to do our touristy due diligence on his behalf.

For reasons that I am still unsure of, Anthony didn't bring a bathing suit to the beach. However, he still played catch with George and was prepared enough to pack us a blanket to lay on. We didn't have towels either, but at least I had my camera!

We did a few product shots for Anthony's lifestyle blog. You can find him at:

We absolutely loved our time spent in LA and are already trying to plan an trip back! We'll have a blog post showing you the insanely cool silent movie theatre wedding we did while we were out.

xo Christy