Favorite Vendor Friday: Stay True Barbershop

August 30th, 2015 - Hudson, NH

Address: 45 Derry Rd, Hudson, NH
Phone: (603) 321 - 9852

Last Sunday we took a trip up North (I say trip, but it was only a 25 minute drive) to Hudson to visit the Holt family! We took along our friend Tyler, because he was in need of a haircut, and our darling daughter who loves to be carted around to our sessions (sarcasm).

My friend Corey took the next step in his barber career by opening his own shop! We figured it was a perfect time to finally meet his family while collaborating our two businesses. I honestly think I was mostly excited to have an excuse to meet his family and to see our kids interact! Riley, the coolest older brother, and Zadie, with her heart melting eyes, are easily the cutest kids I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To top it off Corey's wife, Taylor, and I instantly hit it off. I feel like since becoming a mom I haven't made a new mom friend that I see eye-to-eye on with most things, but with her we're intensely on the same page. 

Bringing Emmy to work with me is easily my favorite aspect of what I do. However, seeing the girls play with each other toes while I shot was incredibly distracting! I swear this is a post about Corey's shop. I swear! But, babies. Look at them. I love them.

Back to business - Corey is the sole barber at his shop which gives him the great opportunity to personally connect with his clients. He specializes in cuts from the 20's - 50's, modern cuts, military cuts, especially flattops. His clients range from all ages and is a favorite amongst kids and seniors alike. Other specialty services include full straight razor facial shaves and beard maintenance.

After attending school to learn and hone his craft, Corey set out to find immediate work after graduating. To his satisfaction he had a few opportunities lined up for him awaiting his departure from school. Corey settled in at Wilfred's in Nashua and was there up until he decided to go solo. A solo venture can be a gamble, but with the support from his incredible family and his talent, there is no surprise that he's found success. His chair has been in constant rotation with clients from all over. It's not just the locals that dig his style, Corey has regulars that travel to come relax in his chair while getting a cut from someone they trust. 

The shop not only has a great atmosphere, constant good tunes spinning (George was especially delighted to see Terror in rotation), a fridge stocked with complimentary drinks, but he has a few great products available for purchase. He has t-shirts with the Stay True logo, a few products from Bonafide, but our personal favorite is his own line of pomade and beard oil! For the upcoming season he made a Pumpkin Spice pomade. We didn't get a chance to smell it because it was sold out, but I can only imagine that I'd want to eat it. If you're lucky you can catch Riley helping out in the shop on Saturdays.

If you like to support small, local businesses and are in need of a fresh cut Corey Holt is your guy. Check out the shop's facebook and website to schedule an appointment today!