Stephen + Nicole Fiola

August 22nd, 2015 - Concord's Colonial Inn

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Our friends at Concord's Colonial Inn invited as to take some detail shots of one of their receptions for the website we're rebuilding with them. They picked the most perfect one for us to come to!

I have to say, I think if we were the photographers of this wedding I might have spent the whole time tearing up. We only said hello to the groom in passing, but we left feeling like we had known these two ourselves for some time. Stepping into the life of this couple for less than an hour and capturing these intimate details of their wedding day truly gave us a grasp on who they are as people. One thing that was absolutely apparent: they are head over heels for one another. 

He proposed to her on post-it notes (that were, of course, displayed in a glass box on the entrance table), and the reception was littered with numerous items honoring the literary admirers inside them. Each table "number" was a famous literary couple. George + I had a good chuckle about Romeo + Juliet being placed in the very back room as they are the most obvious and famous romance in literature. Each guest had a bookmark delicately placed and waiting their arrival on their appetizer plate. (I hope they're snugged into the binding of their guests most beloved books at this very moment.)

The sweetest, most wonderful, most thoughtful aspect of this wedding was their place cards. Stephen and Nicole took the time to meticulously write a thoughtful memento on each guests card. How they met, how important they are, a special memory, etc. What an incredibly sweet keepsake.

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We were insanely jealous of their photographer. We knew just how special, emotional and intimate this night was going to be. While we were capturing their details we noticed a table in the corner by the window set with a plain white table cloth, one place setting, and a single beer with the American flag standing strong in the background. We pulled the coordinator aside to inquire about it. "As if this couple couldn't play with my emotions anymore. You're going to melt just a little more," she said as she handed us a paper. It was the speech in regards to this table we now knew as the "Fallen Soldier Table". The words I read next made me tear up...

The table set for one in front of the American Flag is not here by accident. It is a deliberate expression symbolizing our fallen and missing comrades. This place setting is void of race, color, gender, and sexual orientation. The single place setting acknowledges those that are still missing from our formation tonight. The white tablecloth symbolizes the purity of their actions, their bravery, and selfless call to duty. The plate is sprinkled with grains of salt representing the countless tears of the families. A single flame burns for the everlasting hope of our reunion in this life or the next.

The team at Concord's Colonial Inn truly arranged this wedding so beautifully. Between the table settings, the bar, the entrance table, they did an outstanding job. We totally see why someone would want to get married here - atmosphere, location, scrumptious food, and unrivaled hospitality. Also, if you're into history, like we are, you'll totally love this place!

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