Will you marry me?

Do us a favor.... imagine the look on your sweethearts face the second they realized you were about the pop the question of all questions? We want to freeze that split second of time forever for you.

Did you plan this moment for what felt like an eternity? Did you pour all your heart and soul into making sure this moment went off without a hitch?

Life's moments are fleeting and pass us by all too quick. I, personally, would give anything to go back in time to have a photographer hiding in our tiny kitchen on Cape Cod the night George carved 'will you marry me' into an enormous pumpkin.

A few perks of hiring a photographer for your proposal:
- Keepsakes. You will forever have this intimate or extravagant proposal immortalized to look back on for years to come. Think how cute your save the dates and engagement announcements will be!

- A trial run for your wedding photographer. This can go two ways:

  1.  It's best to have someone there your unsuspecting future fiancé doesn't know or recognize if you'e going for the whole ~pretend to be a tourist / sneak shots from behind a tree~ You can find someone with a style you like, if you think you'll all click. If you love the outcome of your photos and you feel really good about the person you just met - you just found your wedding photographer! Check that off your to-do list.
  2. If we know each other you can use the technique of "we don't have any photos of us..... think we could reach out to Christy and George for some photos?" We will play along! (On the real, all. of. my. friends have mentioned they would love to have their proposal photographed. Just saying.)