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Our blog is where we have our latest weddings, sessions, and educational content for couples and creatives! You may also find our family adventures with our daughter, the latest magazine we’re published in, our expert opinion on all things wedding, and features of our favorite vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with us? What we’re all about? What locations we’ve been to? What’s in our kit? You are in luck! We’ve dedicated a whole page of our website to such questions.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us an email: info@eisleyimages.com


Wedding Availability

If you’ve come here to ask “how can we find out if you're available for our wedding date?!” Friend, you’ve come to the right place! Below is the link for our inquiry form. We hope you fill this out as soon as possible because we field over 100 inquiries per year, but are only able to take on 16 a year.


Spotify Playlist

Have you heard about the playlist we made for our couples? It’s the sweetest little thing you’ll hear all day. Our hope is that this playlist joins you on your wedding planning journey. Play it when you’re on the road for a venue walk through, on a date night, or even in your getting ready room on the day of your wedding. Who knows… maybe you’ll find your first dance song on this.

This playlist is for any couple who laughs loudly and loves deeply.

Affiliate Links

We have the distinct honor of becoming affiliates for some of the products we use every single day in our business. This simply means we get a little commission whenever a purchase is made using one of our links or codes listed below. In return for this commission, we have secured for you special discounts on our behalf as a thank you for guiding your business. We only link products and services we use and value within our business. The best of the best!


Rose Anvil X India Earl Camera Harness

We are THRILLED to shout to the world that we are switching our camera harness system! India Earl set out to create a camera strap that doesn’t pinch skin, damage your clothes or get caught in your hair. Rose Anvil delivered! This has been a literal pain point in the past for Christy for y e a r s. We can not wait until our custom strap is created and shipped our way.

If you’re curious about the only strap on the market that will stop your cameras from hitting each other and every thing in it’s path and if you’re DONE with bruised arms…. click the link and check it out for yourself.

honeybook eisley images

Client Management Program

Honeybook is how we successfully managed our 36 weddings this season + branding clients + portrait clients! We booked every client, received all payment, sent contracts, brochures and questionnaires through this system.

This is, hands down, our most wise business investment we have ever made. It took me NINE YEARS to use a client management system. Don’t waste another minute not using one. It sounds super cheesy, but changed our business forever. For $16ish a month we tripled our profits.

Want more info? Of course you do, you smart consumer you! Here’s the run down from Honeybook.


Tuesday’s Together

On the second Tuesday of every month, I lead a group of Rhode Island creatives with the mantra of “community over competition” in my heart. It’s simply a community to share free valuable knowledge that you can implement in your business that day! If you’re part of the Rising Tide you know just how good it feels to be surrounded by people who”get it” and want to not only SEE you succeed, but to HELP you succeed. It’s some empowering stuff!

Want to get to know your local chapter? Find your new lifelong friends by clicking the button below.



QuickBooks made tax season a breeze! From my phone I can track our mileage, expenses, and we can see an overview of all our bank accounts (including paypal!). Gone are the days of sorting through receipts, or keeping a notebook in the car to write down how far we traveled for business. At the end of the day I can easily swipe left or right on our transactions to sort them by business and personal. Same goes for mileage!

When tax season rolls around I can email my data to my accountant. It makes everything smoother, easier to understand and stress free. Tax season isn’t something to fear, friends. It’s something to embrace in your business.

Don’t go another day in your life without using Quickbooks.



This is the service we use to treat our clients, friends and family! It’s hassle free happiness delivered right to their door! In just a few clicks you can simply curate a perfectly packaged and personalized gift. They even ship it for you!