A Rhode Island Wonderland / Mom life is hard y'all | Personal

Light fluffy snow, no wind, not freezing? The perfect ingredients for a toddler's winter wonderland!

George took our girl outside for an hour today! Giving the stay at home spouse in your life time to breathe + reset however they see fit is something I can't even place a value on. In the one hour they spent outside I was able to reset, and put in work to our business and home which in turn gives me all the rejuvenation in the world for many reasons. If you're like me, you know just how good it feels to check something off your to-do list. If you're even more like me, succeeding at your work and producing tangible evidence of building that work gives you that girl boss/runner's high confidence that powers me through until bedtime.

Some people want an hour nap, and some people want an hour of productivity. Some people are both (me).

Today on my plate: emailing with nine couples about 2019 weddings, finally putting our Christmas tree away (I know, I know), laundry, dishes, and getting our fill of family time. You best believe I got it allllll done and still had time to go outside to take some photos.

Our 2018 is all about balance, living intentionally and family time. I think we did all three today :)

Can you tell I'm missing wedding season......? Yes, this is absolutely my engagement ring.

George couldn't wait to give me his band! It occurred to us that we never had a ring shot, especially not an Eisley Images ring shot.

We love our front porch view. Yes, that's the Providence skyline! Somehow we didn't notice this view until the 3rd time we looked at this house. All we had to do was turn around and look! To be fair, we had one year old Emmy AND the neighbors dog got loose to greet us. We were very distracted haha

George, Emmy, Artie + I all hope your week is going amazing. Kick tomorrow in the butt, alright? YOU. GOT. THIS.

xoxo, the gagnon's