The Gagnon Family Travels To Provincetown, MA

Our Cape Cod Day Trip with Our Pug, Artie

Last week George and I took some time off from our lovely full time jobs for a "babymoon" getaway to Lake Winnipesaukee with his family. After five days away from our puppy, Artie, we decided to pick him up and come home a day early. We, of course, planned to have Thursday be our day of rest and relaxation, but when we woke up in the morning the weather was begging us to take a family day trip. After packing a beach bag, and Artie we took off!

This trip was the first time George and Artie experienced this beautiful sea surrounded town. We met people and puppies from all over the world! Being a very dog friendly town Artie was a hit amongst every two people who happened to pass by. He was also invited by every shop owner to come in and enjoy their air conditioned shop. How sweet is that?

On our walk back from the end of the pier we came upon a local artist who uses drift wood from the surrounding beaches to create some truly one of a kind designs.  While I was shopping for our nursery Artie took a much needed water break.

For lunch a shop owner recommended Bubala's By The Bay as they had outdoor seating and were very accommodating  to their puppy guests - and they were! The second we walked in the lovely host gave us a table by the sidewalk, instructed us where to comfortably tie up our friend, and asked if Artie was thirsty.

We had a very enjoyable lunch while people watching. If you've ever been to Ptown you know that it's probably one of the best places in the world (yes, the WORLD) to people and puppy watch. George enjoyed a refreshing Naragansett Summer Ale while I enjoyed glasses upon glasses of ice cold water. Our food was delicious! My shellfish allergen love had an incredibly large turkey bacon avocado on a foccacia roll while I enjoyed my first lobster roll of the year! Toasted, drawn butter. Can't beat it!

After lunch we walked back down Commercial St. for some serious window shopping. The beaming sun was starting to be hidden by the overcast sky, which this seven month pregnant lady was extremely thankful for! We treated Artie (and George too!) to a trip to the water. Before this trip he has only adventured into the water once to plop around, but didn't really care too much for it. To our delight the little dude bounded right in after his Dad and frolicked to his hearts content.

After a very long, hot and humid day Artie passed out for the entire ride home. Once we walked into the house he claimed his spot on the couch for the night and that's where he stayed!

.... Can we talk about his leg? He's so weird/cute/perfect.