The Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions fill our hearts because we're capturing your life exactly how it is in this very moment. We want to intentionally slow down for a bit, enjoy the moment, and give you nothing but warm hearted, good feelings to look back on.

We believe in the real moments your family experiences every single day. Our littles grow at speeds our hearts will never be quite fully prepared for. What if you could freeze time? What if you could capture that crinkle nosed mischievous giggle forever or simply baking with your littles? At Eisley Images we believe in capturing your family just as you are - playful, joyfully laughing and simply existing in your natural habitat. Gone are the days of sitting in a stuffy studio in matching outfits begging your sweet babes to smile by way of bribing with Goldfish and the promise of ice cream after. Welcome to the goodness that is "a lifestyle session" where even Dad's will walk away - dare I say - smiling. A lifestyle session looks different for every family because it's uniquely tailored to you. Contact Christy & George today for a free consultation. We'll tell you all about our playful, friendly approach and our parenting arsenal of tools we come equipped with. 

(Also, I don't know about your toddler, but ours is a ~can't sit still for 10 seconds and smile, always exploring and questioning the world around her~ kind of gal. If it weren't for us following her around with a camera we'd never have any photos of her! haha)