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Mentorship & Masterminds

How to confidently use your creative passion to build a lasting and profitable business that will change your life


It has taken me ten years of building this business to be where Eisley Images is today.

This business journey that I have personally been on has seen victories, and valleys. The one thing I could have used to accelerate my business to be profitable and set for growth sooner: a mentor. It wasn’t until I joined my local Rising Tide Society chapter that I truly saw the priceless value of the community over competition mindset. Our creative business has changed the course of future for our family.

We firmly believe:

  • work doesn’t have to feel like work

  • there is room for everyone at the table


1-on-1 Skype Session

I am your open book for 1.5 hours! We’re going to get down into it.

We can talk about anything and everything from: workflows, portfolio review, timelines, client communication, booking ideal clients, our camera gear, marketing, social media, websites, etc. You have the option to add extra time if the conversation is a-flowin’ and you need to soak in more!


Monthly Mentorship

Each month will focus on a different topic. Topics range from social media, client relationships, pricing, time management, serving clients, editing, systems & management, and more!

$700/month or $8,000/year

Group Mastermind: 6 Week Intensive

Program starts November 2019

Details Coming Soon - Limited capacity

$3,200 ($500 retainer to hold your spot)