Wayne + Kris L'Heureux

June 7th, 2014 | Wachusett Village Inn | Westminster, MA

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I first met Kris during the time I worked at Fenway Park. Maybe it's a Military Brat thing, but we instantly hit it off.  For those of you lucky enough to know her, you know that she is one of the most genuinely kind and loving people. When she asked me to be her photographer I immediately said yes! 

During the months leading up to the big day George and I had a chance to get to know Wayne. They invited us to their home for some Mexican (which this pregnant mama was craving in the worst way at the time!) and a puppy play date! (Let me just tell you the amount of Fenway decor was enough to make a girl homesick! I could have stayed there all day just looking at their walls.) We went over every exciting detail for the wedding ceremony and reception while also swapping our own 'how we met' relationship stories. Any guy who proposes using their dogs is a genius in my book! After hearing the details of how he asked I was sold. There could not be a more perfect person for Kris than Wayne.

While lucky little me spent the morning with the ladies, George headed over to Wayne's suite to meet up with the groomsmen. (My favorite aspect of having a male partner is being able to split up and not meet up until the ceremony starts. He was able to capture hours of memories I would have never seen. By giving him so much extra time with the groomsmen everyone became acquainted and relaxed which was translated in our photos from the day well into the night!) The groomsmen, along with many wedding guests, went on a tour of the Wachusett Brewery, where they sampled many of the beers brewed on site while getting a first hand look inside the factory. It just so happened to be canning day, which was exciting to watch! After the tour the guests came upon the Wachusett Brewing Company firetruck. Talk about a killer photo op! 

Many special moments came from the suite the groomsmen got ready in. This is a very close knit group of friends who have been involved in one another's lives throughout not only their own weddings, but life milestones in general. Sentiments were shared with Wayne while he prepared himself for the next chapter in his life.

The details of this wedding were an incredible tribute to our men and women in uniform from the centerpieces to the seating arrangements. After the guests settled in to the reception the DJ, a veteran himself,  read a list of every single person in attendance who has served or is currently serving. Mind you I am six months pregnant, but I couldn't help tear up with pride for all of Wayne and Kris' friends and family. It felt as though he called every single person in the entire tent! It was absolutely incredible.

To paraphrase the words of Wayne's Uncle, "It wouldn't be as great of a day without a good story to tell later." As much as you'd like your perfect day to go off without a hitch, that just doesn't always happen. Due to traffic the pastor ended up running a half hour late. However, I call this a little blessing in disguise. If they had started the ceremony at 5 PM on the dot there would have been terribly harsh sunlight and awkward shadows directly on their faces. The thirty minutes of extra time gave us the most perfect light. I call this a wedding photographers miracle!

The reception was filled with tears and laughter in a never ending cycle (okay, again I am pregnant, but still! Watching the first dance, and the parent dances always gets to me.) Wether it was the military tribute, the toast, Wayne's surprise to Kris (he played the Flyers goal scoring song for her... we get it, Kris. You're a Flyers fan. I've always tried to look past this!), the cutting of the cake, the incredible photobooth, or the side splitting laughter caused by the garter/bouquet toss we stayed incredibly entertained!

So, congratulations Wayne and Kris! We can't wait to see your lives unfold. I suspect some great adventures are already beginning!

xoxo Christy & George